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Welcome to the SECTA Members' Web site
The members' site provides information for Members of the South East Cornwall Tourism Association (SECTA) and those interested in joining the association. If you have any comments on these pages, or any information you would like to see added to them, please contact the Chairman of SECTA.

SECTA also has a Visitors' Web site designed to encourage visitors to come to South East Cornwall, and to promote the use of SECTA Members' services. 

What is SECTA?
The South East Cornwall Tourism Association (SECTA), represents around 150 tourism related businesses throughout South East Cornwall, including accommodation and service providers, attractions and those in associated trades. To view the current list of members, please click here.

SECTA's remit is to:

  • represent and protect the interests of its Members through its membership of, or  liaison with, partner organisations, both nationally and locally
  • promote South East Cornwall as a visitor destination while preserving the unique character of the area
  • promote facilities and services offered by SECTA Members
  • lay down a Code of Practice and Minimum Standards for accommodation and undertake inspections, where necessary
  • promote high standards in all amenities offered by Members
  • research, negotiate and operate services and opportunities of direct benefit to its Members
  • provide a forum for Members to submit ideas, exchange information, provide mutual support and encourage debate.

To find out how SECTA achieves these aims, and brings tangible benefits to its Members, please see Joining SECTA.

SECTA Visitors' Web site
SECTA has its own Visitors' Web site,, which aims to attract visitors to South East Cornwall and introduce them to Members' services. One of the key benefits enjoyed by Members is an automatic free entry on the Web site consisting of their current business contact details.

If you wish to:

  • update or change your web site entry
  • apply for an enhanced entry on the Web site, consisting of up to 150 additional words plus two colour photographs e-mail and website links

please contact:
Linda Brown , Tel: 01726 870115

Late Availability Scheme
The Late Availability Scheme (LA) helps members in two ways:
1) If you have some space available – especially in high season – and you’re in the scheme, you can advertise the space where it shows, giving you a good chance of filling that extra-valuable last room. There is a prominent button on the home page of the SECTA website, leading straight to a short-list of accommodation providers who have space in the current week.
2) Each time you update your LA, the change registers on the SECTA website. This raises it higher in the search-engine rankings, making it all the more likely that enquirers will visit the SECTA site – and, through it, your own site.

There is an annual joining fee of £10, and you are given an access code unique to you. You will also receive clear instructions on what to do next. Whenever you have availability you want to advertise, log in and click on a button. This can be done whenever you wish, and if your accommodation becomes full you can cancel the Late Availability indicator on the Web site. At the end of each week all late Availability indicators are automatically reset.

To join the Late Availability Scheme, email , saying you would like to join; and send a £10 cheque, made payable to SECTA, to Linda Brown, SECTA Treasurer, Fox Valley Cottages, Lanlawren, Looe, PL13 2PZ.

Codes and instructions will be emailed to you once your application has been processed.

SECTA maintains contact with Members via reports on this website, see Reports. Access to the reports is restricted to members only, . Each time a new report is issued, all members are emailed with a link to the relevant webpage. If you have any information you would like to disseminate to all members via a report, please contact the Chair or Vice Chair.

Press Releases
From time to time SECTA issues Press Releases on topics of interest to a wider audience. Current Press releases are available on the News & Events page.

Forms to download

SECTA logo
If you would like to add the SECTA logo and link to the SECTA Web site to your own Web site, just ask your web designer to put the HTML code below into your site at the place where you would like the logo to appear. The logo size and appearance are the same as the logo on the right (suitable for use with a white or pale background).


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="145" height="92" border="0"></a>

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